Basement Remodeling Will Increase Your Home Value

One of the most popular home improvement projects is basement remodeling. Whether you are looking for a family room, work area, more bedrooms, or a man cave you can be confident that your basement remodeling project will increase your home value. According to Remodeling Magazine a basement remodeling project will be recouped dollar for dollar to about 70% of the project value. If you spend $100K you should expect your home value to increase by $70K. This return on investment is typically better than you would see for bathroom or major kitchen renovation.

Basement remodeling will give you your best bang for you buck for a couple reasons. First you already paid for your basement, and you already pay taxes on your basements square footage. The foundation is already there and so is the roof. This is a major cost saver when people consider the an addition or a basement finishing project. If you are looking for more space and are considering an addition you will need a new foundation, new siding, windows, roof, etc… Your basement already has all of these. You simply need to finish it. When comparing the cost of a basement remodeling project versus an addition you will probably save 30%-50% going with the basement remodeling option.

Common concerns people have about basement remodeling is that the basement has had water problems or may have water problems, low ceiling height, and plumbing. Basements can be properly waterproofed and protected before beginning your project. There are many ceiling options available to accommodate lower ceiling heights and pipes and wires can typically be relocated as needed. Plumbing in many cases is readily available in the basement and adding sinks, bars, or bathrooms very achievable.

Basement dampness is also a common concern. With the basement technologies available today in most cases this can be addressed and will not cause any problems, even if you have a sump pump. Vapor barriers, sump pumps, water collection systems, and dehumidifiers can all be used to provide your space with sufficient air quality. The first step to any basement remodeling project is to get the area inspected.

If you are thinking about a basement remodeling project you want to make sure it is done right. A great design is important but just as important is the preparation that goes into making the basement ready for the remodel. Basements are often prone to water infiltration, moisture, and dampness. Addressing these things before doing your basement remodeling project will save you from having problems once the job is finished. Contact Fitzgerald Restoration for free basement remodel estimate. We can assess the overall quality of the space and identify things that will need to be addressed to prepare the space. Once your basement is ready we have a team of skilled professionals that will help you design and build out your basement.