Proper Basement Waterproofing Will Result In Less Foundation Repair

There are many reasons to hire a basement waterproofing contractor. Maybe you want a new family room, extra bedrooms, or a clean dry storage space. These are all good reasons to begin a basement waterproofing project. Another important reason to waterproof your basement is to minimize the chance for foundation repair. If you have a damp or musty basement most likely this will lead to a damaged foundation that will require repair.

Basements get wet because water and moisture infiltrate the foundation walls, floor, or a combination of the two. You may be surprised to learn that the concrete that makes up your foundation is not by itself a waterproof material. Most foundations in the Brookline, Boston, and Newton areas are made out of two types of foundation material. The foundation is either concrete, or granite block. Concrete is a permeable material. This means that water and moisture will seep through it. If you have granite block the mortar joints in between each block are filled with mortar. The mortar is also permeable.

So what happens when it rains, snows, or the water table rises. The answer is simple. It travels the path of least resistance. If your foundation area is not properly drained there is a good chance that water or moisture will find its way into your basement. The chance of this happening is increased significantly if you already have foundation damage that has not been repaired.

What can be done about this? You have some options. The good news is foundation repair is very effective and affordable. Foundation cracks can be repaired by filling the cracks with different types of compounds. Once the cracks are repaired its important to address the source. Many times the solution is drainage and waterproofing. The foundation walls can be waterproofed with a sealant and the drainage can be resolved with grading and french drains.

If grading and drainage are not enough to fix your basement waterproofing problems, Fitzgerald Restoration offers basement waterproofing systems. Our basement waterproofing systems will handle the most challenging environments. We install sump pumps, vapor barriers, interior water collection drainage systems, sealants, dehumidifiers, and more.

Before spending money on your next basement renovation project hire a professional to thoroughly inspect your foundation. A damp basement will result if poor air quality, and expedited decay of your property. Identifying and correcting basement waterproofing and foundation repair before your renovation will save you lots of money in the long run.

Fitzgerald Restoration Inc is experienced and has a team of professionals ready to assist with inspections and repair. If you need foundation repair or a basement waterproofing solution call us today for free estimate.