Cambridge Foundation Repair

With winter arriving around the corner, you do not have much time left to do your Cambridge foundation repair project. In the Cambridge area, the winters have constant freezing and thawing cycles. Cracks in the foundation soak up the moisture, freeze, cracks expand and then repeat throughout the winter. Each time the cracks absorb water and freeze there is a chance that the crack gets larger. The more times this happens, the greater the chance for water infiltration into the building envelope or basement.

Many foundations in Cambridge consist of either concrete, brick, block, or a combination of the three, and mortar. Completing foundation repairs in Cambridge during the winter when there are below freezing temperatures can be very challenging. New concrete and mortar do not cure correctly during lower temperatures so it requires additional costly measures to get the job finished correctly. Having to deal with the elements of snow, ice, and accessibility does not make it any easier to identify the cause of the leak either. It is possible to make foundation repairs over the winter, but it is much better to make them before the freezing temperature arrives.

Does your Cambridge foundation require repair?

The best thing to do is to call a professional foundation repair company and ask for an inspection. Fitzgerald Restoration offers free estimates. Call us anytime and we will come out and provide you with an estimate. There are some obvious signs that property owners and property managers can look for to see if their foundation has a problem.

  1. Does the foundation have any cracks? This is the easiest bad sign to look for. The cracks on the outside or inside are something that needs to be looked at by a foundation repair professional. Repairing small cracks will prevent additional damage and minimize the extent of future repairs.
  2. Do you have pudding water against the foundation? Water resting against a foundation is not ideal. Foundations are built using porous materials. If water sits against a foundation it will infiltrate eventually. These are areas that need to be inspected to make sure there is no damage. Areas with puddling will then need to be addressed.
  3. Are there signs of water infiltration on the foundation interior? If the basement is dry now when you check, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your foundation does not require repair.  If there are any water stains this should be a cause for further investigation. A foundation may not leak each time it snows or rains. It may only leak when there is large amounts of rainfall or a wind-blown rain. Water stains on the foundation should be monitored and inspected.
  4. Is the mortar cracked around the foundation? This is a common and simple fix that gets ignored and will turn into a larger problem. Mortar is in between the brick or block. Mortar isn’t waterproof. If there are cracks, water will find its way in. As temperatures drop to below zero the water will freeze and break the mortar.  Repairing the mortar around the foundation is a quick and easy fix.

We can help you with your Cambridge foundation repair project. Fitzgerald Restoration is a full-service masonry contractor. Call us today to schedule a free no obligation foundation repair estimate. With years of experience completing Cambridge foundation repair projects, you can be assured that the job will get on time and on budget.