Fitzgerald Restoration Services offers a wealth of Boston masonry contractor services. They service throughout  Brookline, MA, Boston, Ma, Cambridge, MA and Newton, MA. Stone Masonry is an essential part of keeping up your historic or new home. Stone is a natural element and as such is a victim of the harsh weathers wear and tear. Fitzgerald Restoration has a full service approach to support your exterior brick and mortar.

Restoring History with Masonry in Boston’s Brownstones

According to the Brownstoner, in the first half of the 19th century a growing urban middle class was looking for something more distinguished than the usual brick facades. People in North East cities started calling any townhouse or row house a “brownstone” after the surge in popularity.  

The stone we now associate with “Brownstones” is a sandstone. It became popular because it was found locally, and was easy to transport and more affordable, but also gave a new unique aesthetic. The beloved Brownstone architecture stood out in the 19th century, because it allowed for creativity and beauty on the facade of their home. It’s important to hire an experienced craftsman to match, replicate or craft the exterior of your home with care. When repairing brownstone it often needs to be torn out completely, built back up with cement and then craft the sandstone, or “brownstone,” on top. 

Why Boston Masonry is Important on Boston Brownstones

The limestone used for the brownstones is relatively soft. The softness of the stone makes it easy to work, but it also is more prone to erosion and decay. With the exposure to North East harsh weather where the stone is often exposed to freezing and cooling at extreme temperatures. The soft stone facade is often in need of restoration, because of the tough climate. Make sure to hire an expert Masonry specialist to keep intact the charm of the classic brownstone!