A Boston roofing contractor should give you advice on your Boston roof replacement or Boston roof repairs. Fitzgerald Restoration Services is an expert in Boston rubber roofing, Boston slate roofing and Boston copper roofing.

Boston Roofing Repair Needs

The first thing you should find out is the age of your roof. This will help gage how long you think the integrity of the roof will last or if you only need a roofing repair. If your shingles are laying over an existing layer you should consider replacing your roof sooner it sooner.

The simplest visual test is to see if all your shingles are lying flat. Are any tiles around your vents, chimneys or skylights flashing? A droopy or sagging roof will surely need replacing. Are there broken shingles? You might be finding shingle granules in your gutters if you have broken tiles. 

A mossy roof is a sign of water being trapped. This is a serious sign that your roof may need to be replaced, and quickly. You shouldn’t wait to call a Boston roofing contractor in case there is any water leakages. You may have read from one of our past roofing blogs that water leakage can lead to serious issues in and around your home. Read more about Boston waterproofing to prevent damage to your home and what damages waterproofing and roof maintenance can help avoid during Boston winters.   

Internal signs that your roof could already be leaking are peeling or bubbling of exterior paint, staining on the ceilings or walls and leaks in attics.

Boston Roofing Signs of Interior Damage

Boston roofing replacement can be one of  the biggest expenditures in home maintenance. Luckily, with quality professionals at Fitzgerald Restoration Services you can have an advisor come to your Boston home and decide how to repair your Boston roof to last you longer!

Be careful patching your roof to an extent where it becomes risky to your home’s integrity. The roof to your home keeps everything else including joists and beams that hold up your home in tact. If you go too long without replacing it you could be at risk of moisture damage and side effects that come along with water seepage.

Have a trusted professional come and assess your roof to ensure you’re making the best decision for your home.