Building Restoration Services

At Fitzgerald Restoration Services, we specialize in a wide variety of building restoration services, whether it is a commercial or residential job, including condos, churches, synagogues, schools and commercial buildings. We are passionate about providing quality workmanship.

When needed, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure for historically accurate and appropriate restorations, including historic window replacements and restoring pre cast moldings. We are also able to clean and power wash your building’s facade, to restore it to its beautiful original condition.

Precision Restoration Workmanship

When your job requires skill and knowledge, you can rely on the services of Fitzgerald Restoration Services.

•  Historic restoration

•  Replacement of historic windows

•  Restoring pre cast moldings

•  Re-pointing brickwork

•  Cooper work

•  Roof repair

•  Slate

•  Matching brick replacement

•  Caulking

•  Custom metal fabrication

•  Cleaning and powerwashing your

   building facade

•  Copper gutters and downspouts

•  Rubber

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