Cambridge Brick Repointing Process

Is Your Cambridge, MA Property In Need Of Brick Repointing?

If your Cambridge building has a brick exterior you’ve probably heard about repointing. Brick repointing or tuckpointing is the terminology used to describe the process of repairing and maintaining your brick siding. Lets start with basics. What exactly is repointing? Repointing is the process of pointing or repairing the mortar joint in between two masonry materials. Most commonly the material is brick. However granite slab or concrete block also repointing.

We will discuss brick repointing here. In between the bricks there is mortar joint. The mortar joint is there to keep the building weather tight by filling the void in between bricks. When a brick wall goes up it is done row by row. Each row has mortar installed on top of it, and in between all of the bricks.  As the wall ages the brick will shift naturally. The mortar is soft enough to withstand naturally settling. Over time the mortar begins to deteriorate. The deterioration schedule will depend on many factors such as environmental impacts (salt, frost, freezing/thawing), quality of the initial installation, and excess settling.  As the mortar ages it will begin to crack. These cracks slowly begin to allow water to infiltrate the mortar joints and slowly begin to expedite the aging process. There’s no secret to identifying mortar in poor condition. You can check our DIY Masonry Inspection tips for more information.

Once you begin to see cracks in the mortar it is not uncommon for pieces to begin to fall out. Especially during the freezing and thawing cycles we see in the Cambridge area. Certain areas of the brick exterior may be more prone to damaged mortar. These areas are along the foundation where the brick meets the ground, around doors and windows, and areas where there is natural vegetation growing on the brick. If only certain areas are damaged they can be repaired individually without the need to repoint the entire building. This is referred to as spot pointing. Simple timely repairs will save you money and further building damage over time. If its time for your building to be completely repointed we can help.

Complete Brick Repointing

If you think your building is in need of a full repointing project give us a call for free estimate. Repointing projects in the Cambridge, Ma area require special planning. In most cases we will need to setup scaffolding and utilize another type of life to enable access to the entire building side. This typically will require special permitting from the city of Cambridge. We can assist with this process. The next step is setting up the staging or getting the lift onsite. Once this process is complete the work will begin. The first step to repointing is removing the existing mortar from the mortar joints. This is completed with special grinders. After the existing mortar is removed new mortar will be installed.  The type of mortar that is used will depend on historical requirements, building requirements, and the type of brick. Selecting the appropriate mortar is crucial to the longevity of the repair. Mortar color can be matched to any specification. This is where hiring an experienced and professional masonry contractor is very important. Fitzgerald Restoration Inc has been servicing the Cambridge area for many years. We have the experienced team to get the job done on time, on budget, and with the highest level of workmanship quality.


If you are interested in receiving a free brick repointing quote for your Cambridge area property give us a call today.