Fitzgerald restoration services has over a decade of experience in Boston Roofing Repair to provide you with the most trustworthy advice on what type of roofing material you should consider putting on your home in Cambridge or condo in Brookline.

Boston Roofing- Rubber Roofing

Boston Rubber Roofing is a lightweight and durable option for when snow lays heavy during a Boston winter. This type of roofing is less known to crack and need roofing repairs. Rubber Roofing naturally comes in darker colors, which will help draw in heat from the sun. Rubber roofing is a very affordable option as well. While Rubber Roofing is very common, it is aesthetically not favorable compared to the Slate Roofing or Copper Roofing materials. We recommend using it especially when you have a low pitch roof or flat roof. Rubber Roofing works better than traditional roofing material on homes that have rooflines with less gravitational pull due to the slant of the roof.

Boston Slate Roofing

Boston Slate Roofing is the more traditional option. This is the standard option. It is durable and it’s appearance is a plus! Slate Roofing on your Boston home will reflect a little more light and adds a nice glimmer making it a more popular choice than Rubber Roofing. Slate Roofing is fireproof and environmentally friendly. Slate Roofing breaks down easily, and because it is a stone, it doesn’t give off any pollution during manufacturing.

Boston Copper Roofing

Boston Copper Roofing is a fantastic way to add value to your home. It’s unanimous that Copper Roofing for your Boston home or condo is the best option if you can make the investment. Copper Roofs are strong, fire resistant and even resistant to hail and mildew. You know from reading previous posts how mildew can quickly affect your roof and can infiltrate causing damage to your entire home! Copper is even a lightweight material. Just like beautiful brownstones in the historic Boston area, Copper Roofs are built to last. With regular roofing maintenance, you will have no problem getting 50 years out of your roof. Typical Copper Roofs will last anywhere between 60-80 years and it’s not unheard of for them to last even 100 years!