Which premium roofing material is best for you? Slate or Copper Roofing?

If you are building a new home or thinking about replacing your roof you have many options. If you are considering a premium roofing material two options you will likely consider are Slate and Copper Roofing. Both of these options offer the ultimate upgrade in appearance, character, and longevity. There are some important differences to understand before selecting your roofing material.

First lets start with some similarities. Both copper roofing and slate roofing will last a very long time. You can expect your copper roofing to last at least 50 years.  While your slate roofing will last anywhere from 50 years to more than 200 years. There are two categories of slate. Hard slate, and soft slate. Soft slate will last 50 to 100 years or even more, whereas hard slate could last as long as 200 years or more. Whether you decide to install copper roofing or slate roofing you can rest assured that your roof will last a very long time. This is important to factor into your decision regarding price. For example a shingle roof will be cheaper but you will have to install 2, 3, or even 4+ shingle roofs to match the life of copper or slate roofing.

Next is a major difference between copper and slate roofing. Their weight. This is a major factor to consider, especially if you are replacing an existing roof. On average a slate roof is going to weigh four to 10 tens times more than a copper roof. On average a slate roof will weight 50-100 tons depending on the type of slate used. Since we are in the Brookline, Boston, and Newton areas we do not have worry too much about earthquakes, but if we did you probably would not want all that weight over your head. However you will need to consider the structure that the slate is going on, and structural reinforcement may be needed.  In terms of weight cooper roofing wins this comparison. An average copper roof will weigh 6-8 tons.

Another factor to consider when choosing your next roof is maintenance. Both copper roofing and slate roofing are close to maintenance free. In terms of maintenance copper is more maintenance free. Slate roofing can be expensive to repair. The most common repairs are cracked slate, delaminating, slippage, and moss growth. Some of these things can be prevented by proper installation, quality material, and cleaning. As with any installation or repair at your property hiring an experienced and reputable professional is very important.

Last lets consider the energy efficiency differences between copper roofing and slate roofing. Since slate roofing material is much thicker it retains more heat and takes longer to cool off. In the summer months this will most likely translate to a hotter attic and the need for more air conditioning. Copper roofing is thin, and when used with proper insulation the amount of heat that is retained is much less than slate roofing. If you are considering a black colored roof no material will compare to copper in regards to it ability to not transfer the heat to your attic.

There are some major differences between slate roofing and copper roofing. Regardless of which one you can choose you can be confident that you have a top of the line premium roofing material. The most important thing to consider when replacing or selecting your roofing material is to have installed by a professional. If you have any questions or would like a free estimate call Fitzgerald Restoration Inc today.