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Masonry Flashing, Roof Flashing, Door & Window Flashing

In many cases flashing is the first line of defense to moisture infiltration. Every property has flashing in many places. Proper material selection and proper flashing installation will have a significant impact on the overall quality of a job. Flashing is found on various transition points and joints located throughout the exterior of a building. Windows, doors, roof transitions, and masonry transitions all rely on flashing to keep the moisture out. Depending on the application flashing can be copper, metal, rubber, or other materials.

Each situation that requires flashing has different material options and different installation techniques. This is where having an experienced professional is crucial. Some methods and materials will be more favorable than others depending on the environment and application. Choosing the right one will determine the service life of your roof, siding, doors, or windows.

Often times flashing is not visible when the project is finished. A minor leak shortly after installation may not be found for weeks or months after significant damage has already been done. Hiring a reputable contractor with experience is very important when completing a flashing repair project, or complementing a larger replacement project. At Fitzgerald Restoration we have serviced new homes, old home, historical properties, residential, and commercial properties.  We service the Brookline, Boston, Newton, and surrounding areas. Call us for a free onsite estimate.

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