When is Foundation Repair Needed?

Minor foundation repairs should not be ignored.

Small foundation cracks or minor water infiltration issues are often the early signs of needed foundation repair. If not repaired small foundation problems can turn into large costly projects. In the Brookline, Boston, Cambridge areas we experience a true four seasons. Humidity, frost, and the freezing and thawing cycle will often make a small crack worse sooner or later. To avoid larger foundation repair projects contact Fitzgerald Restoration Inc to learn more about our foundation repair services.

When is foundation repair necessary?

In some cases the foundation walls are visible and easily accessible to inspect. In other cases the area has been finished and a simple visual inspection of the foundation is not possible. Here are some things to look for.

  1. Are doors and windows opening and closing smoothly?
  2. Are the floors uneven or sloped?
  3. Is the chimney cracking?
  4. If you have masonry exterior siding are there cracks around doors or windows?
  5. Does the fireplace have cracks?
  6. Are there hairline cracks in the sheetrock?
  7. Are nails or screws starting to protrude from sheetrock or finish trim?
  8. Is there cracks in the foundation on the inside or outside?

If any of these signs are found its possible your home or business is in need of some type of foundation repair. These signs are not always related to foundation problems but they should be further investigated by an experienced professional. Fitzgerald Restoration is a team skilled professionals with years of experience in the Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Newton areas. We are experienced working on new construction homes and also historically sensitive properties. We are licensed and fully insured in the state of Massachusetts.

If you have concerns about your foundation what is the next step?

If you think your foundation needs repair give us a call and setup a free estimate. One of our team members will come out to your property and perform a free visual inspection and then offer some suggestions on the next steps. We have foundation repair crews, basement waterproofing crews, and full building restoration crews. Regardless of the extent of your foundation repair project Fitzgerald Restoration is qualified and experienced to get the job done correctly. For more information check out our foundation repair page.