Newton Copper Roofing

Newton Copper roofing, Like no other metal roof.

Copper roofing is the most durable metal roof option there is. Copper roofing is also one of the more difficult materials to work with. Fitzgerald Restoration Inc. has a team of skilled and experienced copper roofing installers for your next project. We service Newton and the surrounding areas. Coppers extreme durability and appealing look make it one of the top choices of builders, architects, and property owners.

Hiring an experienced Newton copper roof installer is the first step. When a copper roof is is properly installed it will last more than 50 years with minimal maintenance. This makes a copper roof one of the most cost effective options. In addition to durability, character, and low maintenance copper is a great way to lower your energy costs. Copper is able to be fitted into tight irregular spaces without the use of caulking to ensure a weather tight seal.

Unlike other metal roof options, copper does not require painting or finishing. A copper roof will weather naturally. The bronze color will eventually turn to a green patina finish. Depending on the desired finished look the weathering process can be accelerated or prevented. As copper roof materials have increased in popularity the cost of the material and installation has come down. If you are interested in installing or replacing a copper roof in Newton, MA call Fitzgerald Restoration Inc. for free estimate. ➝ Rubber Roofing.