Brick Repointing | Tuckpointing

Brick repointing or tuckpointing is the process of replacing the damaged or aged mortar in between the bricks on various types of brick work. Repointing and tuckpointing are often referred to as the same thing. For the most part they are the same but technically there is a slight difference. Repointing is removing the damaged or aged mortar and replacing it, whereas tuckpointing is simply the process of adding new mortar into mortar joints.

Why is repointing needed?

In between the bricks, concrete block, or natural stone there is mortar. The mortar is used seal the space in between each brick or block. Over time weather and natural movements will begin to weaken the mortar. As the mortar weakens it cracks, becomes softer, and absorbs additional moisture. As this begins to occur water will infiltrate the area and cause damage. In addition to water damage structural damage will also occur.  Repointing the damaged areas will ensure a new water tight seal and the integrity of the structure.

How is repointing completed?

The first step to repointing the structure is raking out the old mortar. This is completed with various tools. After the old mortar has been removed the open joints will be cleaned out. Next new mortar is specially mixed to accommodate the exact structure and environment. Last the new mortar is installed in the open joints. After the mortar has dried you have the option of sealing the entire surface with an added layer of protection.

Can area be partially repointed?

Yes. If only parts of a wall or staircase are damaged these particular spots can be addressed individually. Mortar colors can be mixed to match the surrounding mortar color so they blend together. Certain areas are more prone to damage. Stairs may age faster in certain areas. Building siding may age faster closer to the ground or around doors and windows. If you notice cracked or missing mortar it is important to get it repaired quickly to avoid additional damage.

How much does repointing cost?

No two buildings are perfectly alike. For this reason it is very difficult to offer a simple price that applies to all properties. To provide a price for your repointing project we will need to come out and provide you with a free estimate. We will assess the structure and determine the areas that need to be repointed. After the scope of work has been agreed upon we will offer pricing.

Do you work on historical properties?

Yes. Fitzgerald Restoration has years of experience working on historical properties. We are skilled in matching mortar color and brick on historical sensitive projects. Our service area includes Brookline, Boston, Newton, and the surrounding areas. We work on historical properties on a regular basis. In addition to our repointing services we also offer copper roofing, slate roofing, and full building restoration services.

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