Rubber Roofing

Rubber roof is fast and affordable.

Do you have a flat roof? Chances are if you do it has a rubber roof on it.  Rubber is a great flat roof solution because it is installed very quickly and lasts a long time. Modern rubber will not be damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and will last more than 50 years in many cases. Properties located in Brookline, Newton, Boston, and surrounding areas are exposed to all four seasons. High winds, snow, and hail (up to 3 inches in diameter) will not damage your rubber roofing.

A rubber roof does not have many seams. Fewer seams means fewer places to water to infiltrate as the roof ages. Often times only a few large pieces of rubber are needed to cover an entire roof. This in result significantly lowers the cost. Many companies claim to be experienced rubber roof installers. However it is important to hire a licensed and certified rubber roof contractor to ensure your rubber’s warranty is not voided. Most rubber roofing suppliers will only warranty their product if it is installed by a certified contractor. Call Fitzgerald Restoration Inc today for free rubber roof estimate.

Another benefit of using rubber for your roofing material is its one of the most environmentally friendly options. This material is usually made of all recycled materials. The factories that make the material require less energy to produce versus other roofing material options. Last when the time comes for a new roof, the rubber is 100% recyclable.

Rubber Roof Repairs

One of the biggest benefits of a rubber roofing is in the event of a leak repairs are very fast and affordable. Underneath the rubber is insulation board. The insulation is mechanically fastened to the sub roof, and the rubber is glued to the insulation board. Often times if a leak occurs the insulation board will soak up the water. This makes identifying the leak very easy in most cases by simply visually inspecting the roof.

Another potential source of a leak is an aged or properly installed seam. As water infiltrates the seam and compromises the weather tight seal the bond between rubber and insulation board separates. This is also easily identified with a visually inspection.

When the leak is found only that compromised area will need to be repaired. Small seam repairs can do accomplished with special rubber lap sealant. The sealant is similar to caulking and installed the same way. In event of the rubber itself leaking just the leaking area needs repair. Just like with a rubber roof install, rubber roof repairs are quick and easy. If your rubber roof is in need of inspection or repair in the Brookline, Newton, Boston, or surrounding areas call Fitzgerald Restoration Inc for a free estimate. ➝ Slate Roofing.

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