Masonry Stair Repair

Masonry  Stair Repointing and Masonry Stair Resurfacing

Lets face it. Here in the northeast our steps take a lot of abuse regardless of the material they are made out of. We have a true four season pattern that includes many freezing, frost, and thawing periods. This in combination with shoveling and deicing materials can do a lot of damage. Small, timely repairs to your masonry staircase will ensure a longer safer life.

Masonry Stair Repointing

In between the bricks on the stairs there are mortar joints. The mortar is there is seal the space in between each brick. These mortar joints age and get damaged by the freezing and thawing cycle. As the mortar joints crack it is important to remove the damaged material and replace it. This process is known as repointing. Fitzgerald Restoration has skilled repointing crews that can repair your damage staircase. Services are offered in the Brookline, Boston, Newton, and surrounding areas. We have many years of experience servicing historically sensitive properties as well.

Concrete Stair Resurfacing

Fitzgerald Restoration is a team of masonry experts. We are skilled in all types of masonry repair. If you have concrete stairs, walkways, or patios that are in need of repair we can help. Color matching, chipping, cracking, staircases and hardscapes can be repaired. Damaged concrete stairs can easily be repaired with skim coat resurfacing. With proper surface preparation and the right materials, we can have your stairs looking like new again. Call us today for a free estimate.

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