Fitzgerald Restoration Services has over a decade of experience in Boston roofing repair to provide you with the most trustworthy advice on how to avoid catastrophe during this New England winter. Whether you need slate roofing repair, rubber roofing repair or copper roofing repair you are not immune to the damages of the next winter storm.

During the winter, ice can crawl up under your sloped roof shingles and cause water leakage into your home. Water leakage from ice can damage your home’s soffits. For all of you first time home buyers, a soffit is the material forming your ceiling. It sits in between your home’s siding and roofline.

Systemic issues from the winter damage include:

  • Interior mold and mildew
  • Fire hazard when it comes in contact with your wiring
  • Higher utility bills and a waste of energy

Copper roofing on historic Boston homes is gorgeous and important to upkeep, but just as susceptible to weather damage if not more than typical slate roofing and rubber roofing. Copper roofs are faceted more precise than other roofing materials, so it too can be prone to leakage as well as corrosion and multiple aesthetic changes.

Fitzgerald Restoration Services is here to take notice of the small maintenance issues before they become a headache.  Roof repairs are problems every homeowner has to take maintenance of, but are magnified because of Boston’s unique harsh conditions. A trusted craftsman from the roofing repair team will come check for these issues.

  • Roof flashing
  • Old Skylights
  • Chimneys
  • Attic vents and ducts

Getting started in Boston Roofing repair and weather repairs is essential to holding your Boston home value to a New England winter. As the snow builds then melts this winter, roofing related damages could set you back 10 times what weather proofing will cost if they go unnoticed or are brought up when you go to sell your home in a home inspection.

Whether you have slate roofing repair needs or rubber roofing repair needs, save yourself a lot of time and money and get Fitzgerald to check the integrity of your roof!